[COVID-19 info. in Nagoya] Goverment had decided to provide “Benefit”.

I’m confused about COVID-19 situation. I cannot catch those information enough.
I’d like to tell the foreigners who live in Nagoya, Aichi (Japan) about Benefit from government. I think the foreigners who cannot understand Japanese may live and/or work in Nagoya and they may confuse about the current situation about COVID-19.

The official letter from Nagoya city is prepared by only Japanese. If you can see it, i strongly recommend to refer it.
This page is for the foreigners who is not good at Japanese for them reference.

COVID-19 situation in Nagoya

It seems 272 cases in Nagoya. (at 6th May 2020)
But in recently, the increasing rate seems very a few.(YEAH! thank you for appropriate and prompt countermeasures!)
Please refer to below page. (Nagoya-shi official HP)

Nagoya-shi Official HP

The benefit from Government

As you may know, the government had decided to provide the benefit to us because of COVID-19.
The people who live in Japan (in this page, I focus on Nagoya) can receive it.
It means the people whose name is on the citizen data base can apply it. (= who has “my number”)
That Benefit is 100,000 yen / person; no matter how old you are.

how to apply for benefit

There are 2 options; Online application and mailing application.

Online application

You can apply since 9th May, 2020 9a.m.
You can access from below address.

Application page

Before application, you should prepare “my number card of your all family”.

On that application site,
At first, you can choose where you live. (ex. Aichi ken / Nagoya shi)
It can be prepared by only Japanese; I recommend you google how spell it in Japanese.
(ex. Aichi ken= 愛知県 / Nagoya shi = 名古屋市)

Then, you choose what kind of benefit you want to apply.
In this case, “Benefit because of COVID-19”.
It is mentioned as “特別定額給付金”. So, you tick or click this word.

At third,
You input necessary information about you, like what is your name, when is your birthday and so on.

You have to upload the documents that can show what is your bank account.
(where you want to receive the benefit)

At last,
You screen “my number card” by your smartphone or PC.

Mailing application

About mailing application will start since end of May.
You can receive some documents for city and you reply it.

DUE DATE is 1st September 2020.
Do not miss it.

The benefit itself will be provided in June.

I hope this infomation can help someone from overseas lived in Japan.

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