【歌詞英訳】「I Love…」Official 髭男 dism [J-POP Japanese – English Lyric]

When I was in the graduated univertcity, I studied in the team with only African, no Japanese. and I worked as a interpreter and Engineer for 6 years in famous Automotive company.


・I am not Japanese but I like J-POP!
・I want to know what kind of song is popular in Japan.
・I want to know the meaning of popular J-POP’s lyric.

I’d like to answer those questions!
English translation of this J-POP are prepared!

[I Love…]Official髭dismを英訳してみました。

I translate those lyrics freely under my understanding. therefore please do not study Japanese by this translation one-by-one words. Sorry!

Today’s song is [I Love…] by Official HIGEDAN dism(Official髭男dism).
This song has gotten no.1 in weekly J-POP ranking for a few weeks!

I Love…

Title: I LOVE…
Sing: Official HIGEDAN dism

僕が見つめる景色のその中に 君が入ってから 変わり果てた世界は
いつもそつなくこなした日々の真ん中 不思議な引力に逆らえず崩れてく
Since you come into the world that I see, the middle of my nomal daily life, the completely changed world cannot resist the gravity and it is getting tumbled down.

I love なんて言いかけてはやめて
I love I ‘m going to say it but I stop.
I love I love 何度も
I love I love many times.

高まる愛の中 変わる心情の中 燦然と輝く姿は
In the rising love, in the changing heart, you are refulgent.
まるで水槽の中に飛び込んで溶けた絵具みたいな イレギュラー
It’s like the dived and dissolved paints in the aquarium. irregular.

独りじゃ何ひとつ気づけなかっただろう こんなに鮮やかな色彩に
If I am alone, I would not realize there are such clearly colors.
普通の事だと とぼける君に言いかけた I love その続きを贈らせて
I’m going to say it to pretended you, I love please let me say its continuance.

見えないものを見て笑う君のことを 分かれない僕がいる
you are seeing the things that I cannot see and you are smiling. I cannot know about you
I dazzled because there are too beautiful.
Still I’m living with inferiority complex.

I love I love 不格好な結び目
I love I love shapeless knot
I love I love 手探りで見つけて
I love I love find by groping
I love Your love 解いて 絡まって
I love your love undo and tangle it
僕は繰り返している 何度も
I repeat many times

レプリカばかりが飾られた銀河 カーテンで作られた暗闇
The galaxy has only replicas. The darkness made by curtains.
嘆く人もいない 鼠色の街の中で I love その証を抱き締めて
Nobody cries in the gray city. I love. hug this proof.

the joy, sorrow and the wish without any punctuations,
I’d like to recognized those feeling with you each other with unclear worries than completely share.

重なる愛の中 濁った感情の中 瞬きの僅かその合間に
In the piled-up love and in the clouded feeling,
the present that you gave in the little interval of the twinkles is so kind world for me.

独りじゃ何ひとつ気づけなかっただろう こんなに大切な光に
If I am alone, I would not realize there are such a precious light.
普通の事だととぼける君に言いかけた I love その続きを贈らせて
I’m going to say it to pretended you, I love. please let me say its continuance.
受け取り合う僕ら 名前もない夜が更けていく
We, received each other, and the night with no name has far advanced.

I hope this article can helpful for you.

1989年生まれ。 国立大学院(修士:環境学)を修了▶大手自動車系メーカーへ就職▶エンジニア兼日英韓通訳として従事▶3歳・5歳の甥っ子を愛でる日々。 趣味:語学学習・旅行・競馬(収支プラスで推移中)